Inflationary price increases are not your fault. But following the advice of those who say inflation should be defined to be an increase in the money supply, not rising prices, is on you.

Prices are at the center of our lives. 

The prices of things we buy and the prices employers pay for our services (wages) affect our standard of living. 

Inflationary prices and recessionary prices affect our wellbeing and wealth. 

Prices of imports help some and cost others their jobs.

Scary predictions of future prices are used by those selling investments and “news”, and by politicians wanting our votes. And if we aren’t careful, we can let the Chicken Littles of the world get us to make decisions that can hurt or even destroy our lives. 

At the very least, scary predictions can also keep us awake at night

And no one should be kept awake by misinformation and lies.