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Here is the opening paragraph of an article published by Forbes when the inflation numbers were just beginning to rise (May 12, 2021). “Down in Washington, they’re printing money like ink is going out of style. Possible consequence: People spend the money, bidding up the prices of cars, lumber and semiconductors. We might get high inflation, high being something more than the target rate of 2%.”  It’s the same story virtually everyone in the mainstream media was telling. Many are still telling it.  Someone in Washington (or somewhere) is printing massive quantities of money and giving it to people who, when they spend it, bid up prices.  If you know why none of that is true, you may not need this little book.  If you know that redefining inflation to be an increase in the money supply, not an increase in prices, is a story made up by gold sellers to scare you into buying gold and other hard assets, you might not need this book.  You can probably ignore it if you weren’t (and aren

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