One of the most important things businesses, investors, and individuals have to deal with is change.

Which is why a book that says when the world changes, you should probably think about changing became one of the best selling business books in the world. 

There are, of course, many things that, when they change, can lead us to change how we see our investments, businesses, and lives.  

Some of the most important are economic changes.

If we lived in a world of certainty, it would be easy to make decisions because we would know the outcome. 

But the world we live in is not a world of certainty; it is a world in constant change that has nothing to do with the fake certainty presented in economic textbooks. 

The world we live in is not the world described by academic economists, media people, and politicians, some of whom are telling what they believe is the truth, and some of whom are telling stories to benefit themselves at their listeners or readers expense. 

Which means knowing who is and who is not telling the truth can increase the odds of success.

Is the change we are being told will disrupt the world real? Or is it another example of someone benefiting from telling scary stories?

Are rising prices the tip off to an inflationary collapse? Or not?

Should we make business and investment decisions based on what those who want our money, attention, or votes are writing and saying about the Federal Reserve, money, and scary hyperinflations?

Or is there an alternative?

There is. Easy to see facts.