Publisher's Description

In just a few pages, a Ph.D. economist dismisses all of textbook economics, replaces it with something better, and shows why it matters. 

The subtitle is, What Every Businessperson, Investor, Politician, and Decision-Maker Should Know About the Economy .  It should probably have been amended to What Every Businessperson, Investor, Politician, and Decision-Maker Who Can Handle the Truth Should Know About the Economybecause some people are going to hate this little book. That includes economists, crooked businesses, and anti-capitalism, anti-democracy leaders and followers hiding behind the fiction of free-market economic ideas.

But anyone who has to make personal, business, and investment decisions based on who is and who is not telling the truth about the economy will find it indispensable. 

As will anyone who is being kept awake at night by scary stories about the economy being told by those who want your attention, your money, or your vote.

Dr. Paulaha says he wrote FACTONOMICS believing almost everyone is smart enough to do better if they know the truth, whether they are making decisions with billions of dollars on the table or simply looking for a better night’s sleep.