Publisher's Description

What if all of economics is based on a mistake?

What if markets do not exist?

What if supply and demand curves do not exist?

What if the only thing that is real is the damage the market idea caused and continues to cause to individuals, businesses, investments, and the economy?

By showing all that, and more, this little book overthrows centuries of economic thinking based on the false market idea and replaces it with something better. 

Economists won't like it, because it means throwing out most of what they know and teach.

Textbook publishers won't like it, because it means dumping entire inventories of economic textbooks.

Anyone who wants to think government cannot create wealth won’t like it. 

For everyone else, Dare To Know may be the most important investment, business, and political book they will ever read. 

Because anyone who has to make personal, business, or investment decisions based on who is and who is not telling the truth about the economy will find it indispensable. 

Dr. Paulaha says he wrote Dare To Know believing almost everyone is smart enough to do better if they know the truth, whether they are making decisions with billions of dollars on the table or simply looking for a better night’s sleep.